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About me and my family.

My name is Aleksandr, and I am a Shoe Specialist. Shoe Repair is all I know and it runs in my veins. Shoe Repair is a family business, and I am fortunate enough to carry on the legacy.

home image It all started with my father who began making custom shoes many decades ago. I have four brothers, who to this day are Shoe Doctors. My oldest brother owns a Shoe Repair in Gresham Oregon "Rockwood Shoe Repair". And my youngest brother owns a Shoe Repair in downtown Portland Oregon "Shoes on the Run".

When I was seventeen years of age I was hired to work for a company that made custom shoes, it was then and there I begin journey leading me to this day and age. I remained at that company for eleven years and leaned many things, but it was time for me to leave my home country and immigrate to the United States. Upon my arrival I was almost immediately hired at "Nob Hill Shoe Repair" where I worked as a Shoe Specialist for 3 years. In October of 2000 my long waited dream finally came true and I became the owner of "Cascade Shoe Repair. I really love my job and I enjoy helping people with their shoe repair needs.



My Greatest wish is that someday I will be able to pass on my Shoe Repair business to my son, who is also named "Aleksandr", so that he can continue to carry on our family legacy.

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My wife, Larisa, is very helpful. She comes to my shop often and helps me run the store. I would not be able to do my job without the support of my wife and kids. I thank God everyday for the wonderful life he has gifted me with.

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My beautiful children really adore what I do and they visit me all the time. They really enjoy watching me work and help me around the shop. They also enjoy cleaning and shining their own shoes.

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My son is an extremely helpful worker! He loves what I do and visits me all the time. As he is growing up, he is becoming more interested in the details of my work, always asking me questions. It is so fulfilling and joyful knowing my son looks up to me and respects what I do.

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This is my older brother, Pavel. He is also a Shoe Repair specialist. I look up to him and have great respect for him.


This is my youngest brother Anatoliy. He owns a Shoe Repair Shop in downtown Portland.



I order most of my supplies form Saderma Leather & Shoe Supplies (Orange County) .


I am a very friendly guy and I enjoy meeting the people who work with me. I have met many businessmen around the country and I enjoy being part of the shoe repair community!