8200 E Mill Plain BLVD, Vancouver, WA 98664 - Tel: (360) 256-5121

I Fix Shoes, Boots, Sandles, Leather Bags and More!

I specialized in professional shoe repair. I am able to restore almost any worn out shoe to its previous like new condition and you don't have to "wear" them in anymore. 

I repair all type and style of shoes, boots, and sandals. A common favorite people like to bring in to be repaired are Birkenstocks. I also polish and shine shoes until they sparkle.

Repairing Shoes is not my only skill, I also repair leather related products, fix zippers, purses, bags, luggage suitcases, and cot's.

I also work with orthopedic shoes and custom build up. I have many customers who approach me in a need of a lift or a buildup.

I have many tools which enable me to do what I do and I am always finding new and better ways to renew and bring life to your shoes, so that their life could be extended.

I can describe my work of art in two simple steps. When shoes are worn out beyond recognition - I am able to fully repair them into looking brand new.


Step one is to break down the shoe into separate components. I only keep what is necessary to restore the shoe. All unusable parts will be thrown away.


Step two is when I use my majestic skill, combine the old parts with the new, renovate them, and apply a touch of polish, resulting in brand new looking shoes.


I have many different tools that help me achieve the results that I and the customer desire. I can replace or fix anything from a sole, insole, cork, buckles, and almost absolutely anything.


Fixing shoes is not my only bag of tricks. I have many customers who bring in leather items that are in a need of fixing and repairing. I fix belts, bags, you name it...


I specialized in repairing zippers on bags, boots and other products.



I repair all sorts of bag problems. The most ommon issues include broken zippers and ripped straps.

repaired bags


Don't you hate it when your boot's toes get worn out and even develop a hole? I use a special technique where I create a secret liquid and pour it over the toes of your boots, and when the substance cools, it develops a hard solid layer which protects your boot's toes.


I work with orthopedics shoes all the time and I can lift either of your shoes to variety of height.


I have many different shoe-stretching equipment. Please stop by and bring in your shoes, and I will stretch them for you!